The 411 of Amazon Live

The 411 of Amazon Live

In the digital age of the 21st century, the landscape is continuously changing with new forms of content. With Amazon and online shopping, one of the upcoming trends we see is livestream selling. 

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live allows customers to browse and view livestream videos streamed by influencers in the Amazon Influencers Program and Amazon Sellers. Viewers are able to shop products mentioned, chat with the livestreamers, and gain access to promotion codes and deals.

How Many People Use It?

Livestream sales are projected to generate billions in the near future. Coresight Research predicts livestream sales will reach $26 billion by 2023. A survey conducted by Livestream with New York Magazine concluded 82% prefer live video from a brand to social media posts.  Nearly 200 million people visit Amazon each month with the sole purpose of buying. Hopping on the fast-growing trend of live streaming along with the hold Amazon has on the ecommerce world will help provide leverage to your brand.

How Effective Is It For Selling?

Real-time interactivity creates a more personalized shopping experience. When going live on Amazon, hosts can link products to the product carousel that’s displaying during the stream. Allowing viewers to shop in real-time while hearing testimonials and demonstrations about that product. Brands can also sponsor influencer livestreams. Partnering with influencers who have well established audiences can help boost sales and increase brand awareness. Keep in mind, each influencer has an Amazon Influencer Storefront where they can link their favorite Amazon products. 

Top Influencers Who Use It?

Amazon live influencers have existing audiences on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Amazon Live features a long list of influencers with various niches. Here is a list of featured influencers:

What Are The Requirements?

In order to use Amazon Live Creator app you must be one of the following:

    1. Amazon Seller brand owner who uses Seller Central 
    2. Influencer in the Amazon Influencer Program with an active Amazon Influencer storefront 
    3. Amazon Vendor with an approved Amazon Store in Advertising Console

When going live, you will be prompted to pick the brand of the product you are including in your stream. This brand must be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry. 

What Are The Costs For Sellers?

The Amazon Live Creator app is a completely free self-service for brands. Brands can livestream from an iOS device and create whatever content they want and have complete control over it. Brands can also work with influencers and sponsor their livestreams.

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