Marketing on Amazon

Marketing on Amazon

By: SkyClicks | 05/12/2022

Across a categorical subset of various Amazon “marketplaces”, products are “ranked” by the Amazon Algorithm to be seen by daily potential buyers. The idea is that the top ranking products are displayed first so that buyers can receive the best product most related to their search. These optimally ranked products are considered the “organic” listings, and interwoven between them are identical, advertised listings cleverly disguised with a subtle “Sponsored” tag. Therefore, Sellers “pay-to-play” for optimal buyer traffic on “Page 1” against the best ranked products for any given Amazon marketplace.

For the average consumer, an “organic” and “advertised” listing are indistinguishable. Only savvy buyers will notice that a given listing is an advertisement. This illusion allows ads to succeed (on average) with the highest conversion rates in the industry (more than any other eCommerce or social media platform). Amazon’s ads generate sales from primed, ready-to-buy traffic, and in turn, these sales will increase your organic rank. 

Thus, an increasingly profitable traffic channel is formed.  More ads generate sales, more sales generates higher rank, which generate more sales again (organically). Since Amazon hosts more products than any marketplace in history, it’s up to us marketers to teach Amazon’s Algorithm to work in our favor by continually deploying ads on relevant Amazon marketplaces. The Advertising platform is the #1 tool available from Seller Central to deliver converting traffic at an agreed-upon cost. At SkyClicks, we harness the power of Amazon Advertising, alongside Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Listing Optimization, to generate traffic, and then sales, to optimized listings.

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