Brand Development

Represent your brand and attract loyal buyers

Sell your brand,
not just a product

In the modern day, consumers are flooded with endless options. In seemingly every industry there are many top competitors offering great quality products. One of the biggest determining factors of a sale is brand. Consumers want to feel a connection with the brand’s they purchase from, and the best way to separate yourself and create your own group of brand loyal customers is through Amazon’s Brand Development selling tools: A+ Content and Brand Store.

Top competitors in every industry convert with A+ Content

A+ content is a feature on Amazon’s Seller Central platform that allows sellers to further showcase their brand and products on top of a basic listing structure. We build sales converting A+ content on all your listings by utilizing attractive layouts to craft a combination of well written product descriptions, high-quality images, infographics, and information. A+ informs buyers about who you are and why they should select your product offerings, and is a strategy used amongst top sellers in every single industry. Analytics have shown that A+ content increases conversions by 3-10%.

We build you a personal
website on Amazon

Think of Amazon’s Brand Store as your own custom personalized website on Amazon, but with better discovery features! In recent years, Amazon has slowly transitioned from being only product focused to now promoting brands with entire catalogs. Having a Brand Storefront is vital in order to reach your brand’s full potential. This free selling tool creates an immersive shopping experience for your brand as a whole. Customers have the feel that they are on your own website as opposed to browsing on Amazon.

Additionally, Sponsored Brand Ads increase traffic to your Brand Store. These ads allow us to showcase multiple products in your catalog at once with extended brand content.

Strategically capture your audience with content creation

With 93% of people viewing photos & videos as the #1 purchase deciding factor, we create content that stands out from your competition. Our top of the industry professionals capture a variety of product, brand, & lifestyle shots to increase conversions . The inspiration… create content with a purpose; content that incites action.

How we think about content

Product Value

Bring your products to life.
Highlight key design & functional
features with high-quality
production value.

Social Identity Value

Tell a story and bring relatability
to your buyers with realistic
and clean lifestyle shots.

Brand Identity Value

Reinforce your brand by
strategically placing your logo.
Help consumers visually
recognize your brand.

Bring your brand to life

 We leverage images and text to make a buyer feel related to your brand, and see themselves using your products.