The 411 of Amazon Live

The 411 of Amazon Live

In the digital age of the 21st century, the landscape is continuously changing with new forms of content. With Amazon and online shopping, one of the upcoming trends we see is livestream selling. 

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live allows customers to browse and view livestream videos streamed by influencers in the Amazon Influencers Program and Amazon Sellers. Viewers are able to shop products mentioned, chat with the livestreamers, and gain access to promotion codes and deals.

How Many People Use It?

Livestream sales are projected to generate billions in the near future. Coresight Research predicts livestream sales will reach $26 billion by 2023. A survey conducted by Livestream with New York Magazine concluded 82% prefer live video from a brand to social media posts.  Nearly 200 million people visit Amazon each month with the sole purpose of buying. Hopping on the fast-growing trend of live streaming along with the hold Amazon has on the ecommerce world will help provide leverage to your brand.

How Effective Is It For Selling?

Real-time interactivity creates a more personalized shopping experience. When going live on Amazon, hosts can link products to the product carousel that’s displaying during the stream. Allowing viewers to shop in real-time while hearing testimonials and demonstrations about that product. Brands can also sponsor influencer livestreams. Partnering with influencers who have well established audiences can help boost sales and increase brand awareness. Keep in mind, each influencer has an Amazon Influencer Storefront where they can link their favorite Amazon products. 

Top Influencers Who Use It?

Amazon live influencers have existing audiences on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Amazon Live features a long list of influencers with various niches. Here is a list of featured influencers:

What Are The Requirements?

In order to use Amazon Live Creator app you must be one of the following:

    1. Amazon Seller brand owner who uses Seller Central 
    2. Influencer in the Amazon Influencer Program with an active Amazon Influencer storefront 
    3. Amazon Vendor with an approved Amazon Store in Advertising Console

When going live, you will be prompted to pick the brand of the product you are including in your stream. This brand must be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry. 

What Are The Costs For Sellers?

The Amazon Live Creator app is a completely free self-service for brands. Brands can livestream from an iOS device and create whatever content they want and have complete control over it. Brands can also work with influencers and sponsor their livestreams.


Are Amazon Agencies Worth It?

Are Amazon Agencies Worth It?

As an eCommerce business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase sales and grow your company. Given the high volume of new sellers and products on Amazon over the last few years, it is a constant challenge to gain a competitive edge and see any sort of success. It is an even bigger challenge to see continual growth and consistently hit your sales goals month after month.  

When it comes to selling on Amazon, you have the options of utilizing a full-service Amazon agency, hiring an in-house specialist/team, or going at it alone. There are benefits to each approach, but ultimately it comes down to what makes the most sense for your business, and the amount of other responsibilities you have in your business.

If you’re not familiar with what a full-service Amazon agency does, they essentially manage and develop your entire Amazon account. The role of an agency puts sellers in a position where all they have to do is put products into boxes and ship them.  Ultimately, Amazon acts like a retail distributor requesting shipments month after month, only you have more control in increasing success of sales.  And because agencies are experts in Amazon’s platform, from algorithms to policy changes, they can help you rank your listings higher on page 1, convert buyers to increase sales, and help your business run smoothly.

From our experience on both the seller side and the agency side working with brand partners, we have seen that the overwhelming majority of sellers can benefit greatly from having a team of experts. We have seen that high performing Amazon businesses are achieved through better management, technology, and strategy. Below are four main aspects we believe you should consider when deciding whether a Full-Service Amazon Management & Marketing agency is right for you. 

Economies of Scale

When analyzing the costs of either managing your own Amazon business, having an in-house team, or utilizing a specialized agency, it is important to determine what goes into a high performing Amazon account. It takes countless hours perfecting your product listings, from SEO keyword research, to high quality copywriting that captures your potential buyers, to running PPC campaigns and optimizing the ads to hit your target AcOS. On top of that, you are also in charge of all your content creation, A+ content, Brand Store, inventory, and keeping up with all the tedious policy updates to make sure you are in compliance with Amazon. 

Unless you have both the countless hours available and the mental energy as a business owner to manage all in-house Amazon initiatives, your best bet is to have a team handle your Amazon efforts. Hiring an in-house member will cost you around $70,000-$90,000 a year, and they would have to be well versed in both the qualitative and the quantitative side. An agency will have a team of various specialists and data scientists who have the luxury of working with a variety of product categories in their very specific fields, honing their skills day in and day out. An agency will also service your business at a lower cost, maximizing both quality and cost efficiency.

Advanced Technology

In the space of Amazon, utilizing technology to make data-driven decisions is crucial to optimizing your product listings and advertisements. Agencies will invest time and money into the best technology available to ensure every strategy or adjustment made is for a value-adding reason. Softwares for SEO, advertising, data analytics, and reporting help make sure your business is in the best possible position to succeed, not leaving anything to chance.

Furthermore, agencies have exposure to a multitude of datasets from various brands and categories. They are able to draw more informed conclusions from data resources not available to your business. With experience servicing different needs for different brands, they often leverage technology outside the current scope of your business, and are able to apply this technology for you when your business is ready. 

Expert Teammates

Successful businesses start with the right people behind it. Having talented people thrive within the boundaries of their strengths is the best way to ensure the best possible quality of your business. Having experienced, additional minds working on your business also means more perspectives and ideas that contribute to your overall growth. Think of an Amazon agency as your teammates who can cover the areas that you alone cannot.

Pulse of the Industry

Direct communication with our experts keeps you connected with the industry of eCommerce. The ability to stay in touch with consumer trends and behaviors is crucial to staying competitive in our constantly evolving society. You can use the insights to innovate new products, adapt your website/social media to the latest messaging strategies, and gain knowledge on current and future opportunities for your brand’s growth.

At SkyClicks, our pricing is performance-based and very competitive in the industry. We greatly value the relationship with our clients and consider them to be our “brand partners”. We consistently invest in technology, systems, and personnel to deliver the best results on Amazon because your success drives our success.  Our team of experts are very hands-on, developing and executing a custom-marketing plan from start to finish. For us, it’s a no-brainer. If you want to elevate your brand on Amazon and ensure you are doing it right, the choice you should make is a full-service agency.


Increasing Average Order Value on Amazon

Increasing Average Order Value on Amazon

As an Amazon seller or brand, one of the most crucial metrics to your overall revenue and success is Average Order Value (AOV). While it is important to compare overall sales numbers at the end of each month as a whole to measure performance, digging into the different KPI’s such as Average Order Value will allow you to make tangible, strategic adjustments to better your sales. 

Average Order Value is defined as the amount your customer spends per purchase, and is one you should develop ways to increase. Though we are always looking for new customers to drive sales, it is much more efficient for your business to get the customers you have already captured to spend more on their purchases.  

To calculate your AOV, all you have to do is select a date range you want to analyze, and take your TOTAL SALES divided by NUMBER OF ORDERS.

Here, we are going to list out several things you can do to optimize your Amazon product listings to increase AOV.

Product Bundles

There are many ways to increase average order value when selling on Amazon. One way is to bundle different products you offer together, and making it cheaper than if the customer was to buy every single product individually.

Take this skincare company, Tiege Hanley as an example. In this product listing, they are offering a variety of men’s skincare products into one and calling it a “system,” making it an appealing offer to men looking for convenience and cost efficiency. For the customer, instead of having to look for face washes, scrubs, and moisturizers individually, they can get all they need from one place.

Cross-Selling/ Upselling

On Amazon, there are different ways you can showcase a variety of products within your catalog. Exposing customers to other options not only helps you build brand value and trust, it also increases the likelihood of them spending more and trying out different products within a single purchase. 

One of the best ways we recommend is to utilize the comparison chart module within A+ content. This supplement brand, Dymatize, offers a variety of supplements that have different functions. By using a comparison chart to showcase their different offerings, product features, functional use cases, and even “best times to use,” they are creating awareness of their different products, and more importantly increasing the chance of a customer buying more than one and increasing AOV.

Another way would be with your Amazon Brand Store, which is essentially Amazon’s version of your website. Here you are able to organize your entire catalog into different categories. This is a great tool to showcase multiple different products for cross-selling, but also upselling. Upselling is a strategy where you promote a better model of a product. For instance, if someone is looking at buying a basic model phone, you could suggest they upgrade to a more premium model. By having your full catalog in one place, customers can easily navigate through all your products to find the ones best for them.

Free Shipping

Offering free shipping to customers is a long standing marketing tactic that has been known to draw success. It is one of the main things a customer looks for when making an online purchase regardless of the platform or product. 

A strategy to increase AOV through free shipping is to set a minimum threshold that a customer has to spend in order to unlock this offer. Studies have shown that people are more than willing to explore other products you offer, or buy multiple of the same product in order to meet the free shipping minimum. Be sure to apply this method in a way that makes sense to your own business.

Discount Options

Depending on the type of products your brand is selling, providing a subscription service for repeat orders will also increase average order value along with customer lifetime value. In our day and age, a lot of people have busy lives and giving them the option to get their products delivered on a regular schedule makes shopping more convenient. If you offer products that are intended for repeat purchases, such as canned coffee, you can offer “Subscribe & Save” which not only repeats the order automatically, but is also enticing for the customer since they will receive a discount.

You can also create a discount that gets applied to orders that meet a certain threshold. Similar to free shipping, the goal is to attract your customers into purchasing several items to qualify for the discount. To implement it, create a percentage off promotion that applies to a larger quantity of one or more items.

Increasing AOV is crucial to growing your Amazon business. Be sure to stay tuned for more articles on how to grow your Amazon to the next level!

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Social Media Campaign Strategy Introduction

Social Media Campaign Strategy Introduction

By: SkyClicks | 05/12/2022

It is no secret that we are fully immersed in a world powered by social media. With Facebook & Instagram having 4.1 billion and growing users combined, millions of companies have turned to these platforms to market their products and services for good reason. The ability to target the exact people you want to reach in detail is extremely effective in driving sales, if done correctly. In this article, we will address an overview into building an effective campaign strategy to help you reach your goals.

To preface, despite the immense opportunity, the competition of acquiring customers in today’s world has never been more challenging than now. In seemingly every industry, there are countless brands offering top quality products that help make our lives as consumers better. Social media platforms have become a huge clutter, filled with endless posts and advertisements. Combining that with the human attention span that is continuously shrinking shows why it is crucially important that you capture your audience’s attention within the first couple seconds of ad exposure.

When building your Social Media advertising campaign strategy, one of the key aspects is taking the time to do your due diligence and fully understand who your audience is. Consumer behavior evolved. Take Gen-Z shoppers for example; they are a demographic that needs to be nurtured, as they are much more likely to buy due to brand trust as opposed to product features. The need to differentiate yourself from other brands and build a connection with your customers is imperative to success. Understanding the entire customer journey will help you tailor your ads to each stage of that process, whether it is a cold lead or someone on the verge of becoming your new customer. Gone are the days of generic advertisements blasted to a random audience.

Below are a few questions you should consider:

  1. Who are my target audiences, and what are their demographics/interests?
  2. What parts of my brand appeal most to my audience groups, and what problems do my offerings solve?
  3. What are my goals with each advertising campaign?

An optimal way of organizing your campaigns is to structure them into three different layers. By looking at the different stages in the funnel, you can start to plan the actual content for each ad that fits each level. Strategizing for the different layers will not only improve the campaigns performance, it will also help optimize ad spend.

Awareness Campaigns are cost efficient ads tailored to cold leads, meaning people that either do not know your brand, or have not previously purchased a product. Your audience should be fairly broad, and you should only allocate 10-15% of your entire budget unless you are a new brand. The objective of these ads aren’t to drive a ton of traffic to your site or generate sales, but rather to build rapport and trust with your audience. Some approaches that we found perform are content that introduces a pain point that your audience may be facing, problems that your products solve, as well as key factors that differentiate your brand from others and being a viable solution. Success with awareness campaigns, for example, is defined as having your audience watch through your entire video content and remembering you.

Nurturing your new audience and gradually acquiring them to be a customer is extremely important to overall growth.

Retargeting Campaigns are the next level down your funnel, and you are now targeting people who have previously interacted with your social media content or website. In this stage, you are trying to build strong leads along several other goals. The important factors here are to educate your audience more about your products, your brand story, and to incite first steps of action taking. Approaches that work well include ads that are intended to increase engagement and interaction. Asking a question in your copywriting is an example. Secondly, we are also looking to drive traffic to your website/landing page, where your audience will become increasingly familiar with your offerings. One thing to note is that we cannot emphasize the importance of analyzing performance insights enough to understand who responded best, and to what type of creatives, placement, and messaging.

Conversion Campaigns are intended for exactly that, conversions. This is the fun stage where you have a list of hot leads that you have nurtured to this point where they are now ready to become your customers. Conversion rates go up tremendously since these are the audience groups most primed to buy from your brand. Take the opportunity to offer a first time buyer promotion, create a sense of urgency with your copywriting, and test formats such as catalog or carousel which showcases multiple products at once. Purchases are not the only conversion factor to monitor; you can also remarket to those who initiated a checkout, added items to a cart, performed a search on your website, and many other events that you can set up with a tracking pixel or API.

We hope this gives you an insight into the importance of strategizing every single campaign to have a specific purpose and goal. Social media advertising is an extremely important part of your full digital strategy, and our team at SkyClicks is always here to elevate your brand to the next level with personalized marketing plans.

Stay tuned for more in depth articles on all things digital marketing! 


Marketing on Amazon

Marketing on Amazon

By: SkyClicks | 05/12/2022

Across a categorical subset of various Amazon “marketplaces”, products are “ranked” by the Amazon Algorithm to be seen by daily potential buyers. The idea is that the top ranking products are displayed first so that buyers can receive the best product most related to their search. These optimally ranked products are considered the “organic” listings, and interwoven between them are identical, advertised listings cleverly disguised with a subtle “Sponsored” tag. Therefore, Sellers “pay-to-play” for optimal buyer traffic on “Page 1” against the best ranked products for any given Amazon marketplace.

For the average consumer, an “organic” and “advertised” listing are indistinguishable. Only savvy buyers will notice that a given listing is an advertisement. This illusion allows ads to succeed (on average) with the highest conversion rates in the industry (more than any other eCommerce or social media platform). Amazon’s ads generate sales from primed, ready-to-buy traffic, and in turn, these sales will increase your organic rank. 

Thus, an increasingly profitable traffic channel is formed.  More ads generate sales, more sales generates higher rank, which generate more sales again (organically). Since Amazon hosts more products than any marketplace in history, it’s up to us marketers to teach Amazon’s Algorithm to work in our favor by continually deploying ads on relevant Amazon marketplaces. The Advertising platform is the #1 tool available from Seller Central to deliver converting traffic at an agreed-upon cost. At SkyClicks, we harness the power of Amazon Advertising, alongside Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Listing Optimization, to generate traffic, and then sales, to optimized listings.

Stay tuned for more in depth articles on all things digital marketing!