Are Amazon Agencies Worth It?

Are Amazon Agencies Worth It?

As an eCommerce business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase sales and grow your company. Given the high volume of new sellers and products on Amazon over the last few years, it is a constant challenge to gain a competitive edge and see any sort of success. It is an even bigger challenge to see continual growth and consistently hit your sales goals month after month.  

When it comes to selling on Amazon, you have the options of utilizing a full-service Amazon agency, hiring an in-house specialist/team, or going at it alone. There are benefits to each approach, but ultimately it comes down to what makes the most sense for your business, and the amount of other responsibilities you have in your business.

If you’re not familiar with what a full-service Amazon agency does, they essentially manage and develop your entire Amazon account. The role of an agency puts sellers in a position where all they have to do is put products into boxes and ship them.  Ultimately, Amazon acts like a retail distributor requesting shipments month after month, only you have more control in increasing success of sales.  And because agencies are experts in Amazon’s platform, from algorithms to policy changes, they can help you rank your listings higher on page 1, convert buyers to increase sales, and help your business run smoothly.

From our experience on both the seller side and the agency side working with brand partners, we have seen that the overwhelming majority of sellers can benefit greatly from having a team of experts. We have seen that high performing Amazon businesses are achieved through better management, technology, and strategy. Below are four main aspects we believe you should consider when deciding whether a Full-Service Amazon Management & Marketing agency is right for you. 

Economies of Scale

When analyzing the costs of either managing your own Amazon business, having an in-house team, or utilizing a specialized agency, it is important to determine what goes into a high performing Amazon account. It takes countless hours perfecting your product listings, from SEO keyword research, to high quality copywriting that captures your potential buyers, to running PPC campaigns and optimizing the ads to hit your target AcOS. On top of that, you are also in charge of all your content creation, A+ content, Brand Store, inventory, and keeping up with all the tedious policy updates to make sure you are in compliance with Amazon. 

Unless you have both the countless hours available and the mental energy as a business owner to manage all in-house Amazon initiatives, your best bet is to have a team handle your Amazon efforts. Hiring an in-house member will cost you around $70,000-$90,000 a year, and they would have to be well versed in both the qualitative and the quantitative side. An agency will have a team of various specialists and data scientists who have the luxury of working with a variety of product categories in their very specific fields, honing their skills day in and day out. An agency will also service your business at a lower cost, maximizing both quality and cost efficiency.

Advanced Technology

In the space of Amazon, utilizing technology to make data-driven decisions is crucial to optimizing your product listings and advertisements. Agencies will invest time and money into the best technology available to ensure every strategy or adjustment made is for a value-adding reason. Softwares for SEO, advertising, data analytics, and reporting help make sure your business is in the best possible position to succeed, not leaving anything to chance.

Furthermore, agencies have exposure to a multitude of datasets from various brands and categories. They are able to draw more informed conclusions from data resources not available to your business. With experience servicing different needs for different brands, they often leverage technology outside the current scope of your business, and are able to apply this technology for you when your business is ready. 

Expert Teammates

Successful businesses start with the right people behind it. Having talented people thrive within the boundaries of their strengths is the best way to ensure the best possible quality of your business. Having experienced, additional minds working on your business also means more perspectives and ideas that contribute to your overall growth. Think of an Amazon agency as your teammates who can cover the areas that you alone cannot.

Pulse of the Industry

Direct communication with our experts keeps you connected with the industry of eCommerce. The ability to stay in touch with consumer trends and behaviors is crucial to staying competitive in our constantly evolving society. You can use the insights to innovate new products, adapt your website/social media to the latest messaging strategies, and gain knowledge on current and future opportunities for your brand’s growth.

At SkyClicks, our pricing is performance-based and very competitive in the industry. We greatly value the relationship with our clients and consider them to be our “brand partners”. We consistently invest in technology, systems, and personnel to deliver the best results on Amazon because your success drives our success.  Our team of experts are very hands-on, developing and executing a custom-marketing plan from start to finish. For us, it’s a no-brainer. If you want to elevate your brand on Amazon and ensure you are doing it right, the choice you should make is a full-service agency.

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