PPC Advertising

Harness the full potential of Amazon one click at a time

Take full advantage of the

We discover what strategies work best for your brand amongst the targeting methods and advertising types available. We capture your audiences at various stages of the buyer journey through keyword-targeting, product-targeting, interest-based targeting, and audience–retargeting. We optimize for conversion through experimentation of DSP, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Video Advertising. Leaving no stone unturned, we maximize your brand’s potential.

Drive clicks to optimized listings

Our core directive for Amazon PPC is to increase traffic. Pay-Per-Click Advertising enables brands to pay to play on Page 1 across any amount of keywords or competitors relating to their products. Amazon PPC is incredibly effective because advertised and organically ranked listings are often indistinguishable from each other to the average consumer. More keywords bring more clicks, and more clicks bring more sales.

Hit Target ACOS or ROAS

Every month we confirm with you our targeted spend and sales for Amazon PPC. We deliver on our ad promises by setting realistic goals within an ambitious plan. Overtime, the data harvested within our proprietary system allows us to further optimize your campaigns. Depending on your ad spend, ACOS allowance, and PPC history, we’ll accelerate your product sales.

Match keywords to buyers

The keywords “vegan food” and “ready-to-eat meals” can ultimately deliver the same product purchase. It’s our job to read between the lines of what buyers search to identify their reasons for purchasing your products. We focus on what converts, and continually pursue further search channels that lead to sales. It’s only through the development and understanding of your buyer types that we can truly maximize your sales.

Increase performance
with A/B Split-Testing

We utilize various headlines and Ad Creatives for the various buyer types identified for your products. Only through split-testing advertisements can we achieve maximum performance across your campaigns.

Let data scientists handle your Amazon data

Our proprietary hybid-automation software maximizes and optimizes Amazon PPC sales. We take full advantage of the platform to deliver you the best results.