We view you as a partner, not a client

Maximizing your brand to its full potential is our top priority

The SkyClicks Mission
Our mission is to define and create the value of a “digital partner”. We accelerate product sales and develop brand value for our brand partners through digital marketing, eCommerce management, and business consulting.
1. Your success determines our success

Our services depend on overall sales, not ad spend, and our MTM contracts ensure we’re in business together for the right reasons.

2. Relentless pursuit of more

We are never satisfied, and are always looking to push the envelope.

3. Custom-tailored 360 marketing plan

There is not one template for achieving success.

4. Left & Right Brain Thinking

We believe it is vital to merge data-driven strategies with artistic creativity.

5. 100% Transparency

We focus solely on value-add initiatives, and we will keep you informed on progress with reporting and direct communication.

Meet the Founders
Sibo Yan

Chief Marketing Officer

Sibo Yan is a driven entrepreneur with high aspirations. He has owned and been involved in several successful businesses including retail & e-commerce. With a background and passion for digital marketing that runs back to his early college days, he is able to create campaigns that incite action well beyond the industry average. Having grown up in multiple countries, he has developed an extensive understanding and awareness in consumer trends and behavior. This has been a huge benefit to his work with social media marketing and advertising, as well as expanding into international markets. In his free time, you can catch Sibo making his friends feel bad about their golf games or at the beach. After all, he is a SoCal native!

Omar Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer

Omar has a habit of rising to the top. After graduating from Claremont McKenna College with degrees in Economics and Physics, he became Chief Operating Officer for a marketing agency after only being employed for 11 months. Managing over 50 brands on Amazon, Omar mastered the art of delegation. He played an important role on multiple championship teams and received numerous awards over the course of twelve years playing rugby and American football through the college level. He found that his experience in sports, education, and software development primed him well to excel in the accelerating, data-driven field of e-commerce. Omar has always dreamed of creating something “seriously great for the world”.

We will never compromise on our core beliefs

1. We view our clients as partners

2. We will always be accessible to our partners

3. We listen and plan before we act

4. We will always innovate and be forward-thinking

5. We are committed to data-driven decision-making

6. We simplify complexity to deliver better results

7. We will always be honest and transparent

8. We believe in the motto: “underpromise and overdeliver”

9. We strive to be the best in the industry

10. We strive to work with ambitious partners driven to succeed